Sectors &

We offer the service of an individualized detection or recognition
algorithm where our experts analyze your needs and train a Machine
Learning or Deep Learning model for your special task.
We also generate the training data for you, so you can just start right
away with Artificial Intelligence without a long data collection period.


Smart solutions for industries
What are we able to detect?

Improve your customer experience and increase your

income. You are able to measure everything in your
physical shop like you’re doing with your website.


_Feature recognition
_Age & Gender Identification
_Emotional status
_People appearance
_Smart Advertising
_Number of people in
_Conversion people in vs street
_Hot and cold points
_Profile datasheet
_Posture detection

Currently, the manufacturing and supply chain sectors
can be much more efficient. Our technology can help you
to improve your actual processes, reduce your accidents,
and grow your revenue.


_Security Zones
_People Capacity
_Object detection
_Disturbing Objects
_Systems compliance (EPI)
_Forklift truck tracking
_Accident detection
_Equipment classification
_Behavior analysis
_Defect detection for quality control
_Posture detection

We ere one of the first companies around
the world to apply computer vision for


_FaceMask Detection
_Temperature Detection
_Social distance
_Contact Tracing
_Reduce Crowding and hotspots
_Person detection

Our security is one of the most important things to keep
safe. Perspectiv can help you in the security field for your
business and family through computer vision technology


_Security Zones
_People Capacity
_Fire Detection
_Weapon Detection
_Fight Detection
_Intrusion Detection

Can you imagine knowing everything that’s happening in
your city? Thanks to computer vision you can analyze and
learn about it through images using your existing cameras.


_Monitor traffic flow
_Monitor pedestrians flow
_Vehicles analysis
_Vehicles infractions
_Garbage detection
_Animal detection
_Counting people


Know more about the dashboard
and its functionalities

Know more about the dashboard and its functionalities

All the information you need in one place. You can see and analyse everything that’s going on in your company thanks to your fully customisable dashboard.

Bringing visual
intelligence to business